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There’s more to creating a successful online business than building a stunning website.

We take the time to get to know our customers, listen to their needs and goals, and understand their business.

From this strong starting point we’ll help you step-by-step to develop a winning web business, creating a powerful online brand, and building an effective, cutting-edge website that not only looks amazing and offers the best possible user experience but is also fully search engine optimised (SEO).

We don’t stop there though. We’ll guide you through launching your new website; show you how to manage it and how to keep an eye on its performance using the latest web analytics tools.


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A powerful brand distinguishes you from your competitors and encourages customer loyalty. Dr Ofix is expert at brand building & development; using our ingenuity we’ll create a brand for your business, whether that is Offline Business OR eCommerce business, that is fresh, unique and innovative and which, correctly promoted, will drive customers build brand engagement to your business.

UI/UX & Design

No matter how great your website looks, if you get the user interface (UI) and/or the user experience (UX) wrong, your online business will suffer. Dr Ofix knows that the key to great website usability and design is an understanding of visitor behaviour. Combining an analysis of the way visitors to your website behave with an in-depth understanding of your business offering and goals enables us to create user interfaces that are simple, intuitive and extremely effective.

SEO Ready Websites

Having perfected the user experience and functionality of your website, you want to be sure that your visitors can find it as easily as possible. We’ll make your website as search engine and SEO-friendly as possible by providing outstanding web content for organic SEO and optimising the underlying HTML code, giving you a website that is as readable and accessible to humans as it is to search engines. Our SEO-friendly website development benefit you among the competitors in London and entire UK.

eCommerce Web Design & Development

Dr Ofix can provide the least complicated, best and most secure solutions to transform your website into an online trading platform that will showcase your products and services to great effect and make it easy for your customers to buy online. Fully integrated with your website, our ecommerce web designer uk provides innovative ecommerce solutions will get you up and selling in no time, and provide a buying experience for customers that your competitors simply can’t match. With best ecommerce web design london you can achieve your margin profit easily over your opponents.


HTML5, the latest and greatest version of the technology that powers the internet, can be used to create the best-looking, most innovative and user-friendly websites ever. The good news for our clients is that we are experts at creating outstanding applications and websites that take full advantage of HTML5’s stunning capabilities, and which will leave your competitors speechless.

Web Applications

If you’ve dreamt up your dream web application but have no idea how to turn a concept into reality, Dr Ofix is here to help. We’ll take your web app idea and nurture it from initial design, through development and to the successful implementation, both server-side and customer-side, of the finished product. What we won’t do, however, is steal your idea or take credit for its genius.

Hosting Management

The whole area of web hosting – from domain registration to server space allocation – can be a minefield for the unwary. Dr Ofix can save you time, money and heartache by helping you to select the most appropriate hosting package for your business, taking care of domain registration and renewal, uploading you website and associated file to your web space and managing other aspects of web hosting on your behalf.

Web Analytics

The web and the way in which it is used is constantly evolving. In order to ensure that your website stays current in the face of changing visitor trends, web analytics are an invaluable tool. Dr Ofix can implement web analytics tools for you and show you how to gain the maximum benefit from the real-time and historic information they provide, such as the average time users spend on your site, their location, which pages on your website are the most popular and how much web traffic you are receiving.